In good spirits

QUEEN FOR A DAY The Homecoming queens, Claire Nowak, Emma Phillips, Megan Flynn, Uyai Edet, Becky Jones, Taylor Graham, and Clara Zuniga, seniors, pose after their 80s day workout. Not pictured queen: Salma Prince

Navigating 2020 has been one of the biggest challenges Gen Z has encountered. In the face of adversity, we stick together to figure out how to keep each other afloat. In any other year, Homecoming week was just a week where school spirit shone through quirky costumes, student section chants at football games, and the buzz of being packed shoulder-to-shoulder on the dance floor. 

Now, the meaning of Homecoming has changed, for better or worse. This year, Homecoming means more than just pulling on a pair of neon green leg warmers and calling it a day. This is our first milestone in the school year. It is a beacon of positivity and hope in these dark times. It is a reminder that we are still teenagers amid the seemingly catastrophic climate of a changing world, but that we are allowed to have a little fun along the way.