Cheer has first competition in five years, comes in eighth


Zuzu Smith

STRIKE A POSE Performing an extension lib, Lauren Sims, junior, and Scarlett Mrvan, sophomore, cheer into the crowd during the Aug. 26 football game. “My favorite part of cheer are the team bonding days, having fun at games and seeing our friends in the crowd,” Mrvan said.

Reena Alsakaji, Editor-in-Chief

Following up to five years without a competition season, Cheer comes in eighth place at Mount Vernon High School Oct. 22.

The competitions will continue beginning in February. For the last few years, Cheer has held off on competitions due to the pandemic, as well as a lack of desire. But seniors Meagan Hudson and Tyra Wheaton pushed for competitions this year. 

“My favorite part of the season is getting that competitive mentality back. For competitions, you are fighting for a goal,” Hudson said. “ I like lighting that fire for the younger girls because they have not had to do that.”

Until February, Cheer plans to put a lot into their preparation based on the edits they received. The biggest challenge is returning after all the time lost. 

“A lot of people were looking at us at competitions,” Hudson said. “When we stopped, Munster was high up. The challenge is getting those expectations to the standards it was before.”