Back into the swim of things: Swim prepares for season

Boys’ and Girls’ Swim prepares for official start of season


Zoe Clark

ON THE SURFACE Pushing her arms through the water, Jennifer Barajas, sophomore, practices her backstroke.

Dorothy Lakshmanamurthy, Page Editor

Preparing for future competitive meets, the Girls’ and Boys’ Swim team held their Intrasquad Meet on Nov. 17. The boys and girls split up into two randomized teams to compete against each other.

“The meet made me look forward to future meets,” Bailey Sechowski, freshman, said. “This is my first year, and I enjoy being with all the girls on the team.”

Both Boys’ and Girls’ Swim teams strive to win Conference on Jan. 21 and Sectionals on Feb. 2. To help his team achieve these goals, Charlie Olmstead, junior, plans to push his team to their full ability. 

“To help the team as much as I can to achieve their potential, I plan on reaching the team by exerting the hard work while still being there for them,” Olmstead said. 

Both teams practice from 5:45-7:15 a.m. before school and 3:15- 5:15 p.m. after school. Addison Sanow, junior, explains that practice hours can be hard to adjust to, but they are worth it.

“Having practice both before and after school can be very difficult,” Sanow said. “However, one personal goal I have is to make my practices pay off. I also think being more together as a team is another goal I have. Not just the girls, but both boys’ and girls’ teams together.”