Column: Creative outlet

Alexis Perez, Design Editor

While there is not a formal uniform at MHS, students are still limited to what they wear. The student handbook outlaws certain apparel, such as rips in jeans higher than one’s knee, fingertip length shorts, dresses, wearing  spaghetti strap tank tops, among other rules. In 2020, it seems as if these rules are ridiculous and outdated.  

Personally, I don’t understand the need for these rules. We are living through a pandemic. Administrators and teachers should worry more about our health and less about the clothes we choose to wear.  Often I see some female students receive looks from teachers or aids regarding their outfits. If you get dress coded by an administrator or teacher,  you  would have to go into student services and would be told to change. If you do not have extra clothes or gym clothes you have to call your parents. I think it would be embarrassing having to walk around in gym shorts or being made to change do to what you are wearing.

The school dress code is enforced because clothing is either too distracting, revealing, or might bother someone else. Yes, boys can also get dress coded, but personally, I don’t think I have ever witnessed a boy get dress coded. Rather, they are not dress coded to the same degree that us female students are. It is not fair that boys can wear what they want and girls cannot. 

The dress code seems to objectify or target girls more on how they dress. I thought we were supposed to make girls less worried as to what they wear. Especially because most girls overthink what they wear when it is commented on. They don’t want to receive judgment from their colleagues because it could be taken the wrong way. 

 Teachers are required to call out students who show too much skin. However, wearing ripped jeans or tank tops does not hurt anyone. 

Some students wear baggy clothes others wear tight clothes. Telling them they look inappropriate or under dressed  lowers their self-esteem. They wear it so that they feel comfortable in what they wear especially at school.

Although we are in a pandemic the dress code still applies to all students. I personally think that the teachers should worry more about health than what we wear.