Team Jacob

Zoe Clark, photographer

Childhood best friend Jacob Black was always the best option for Bella Swan. While he is more controlling due to his ‘alpha wolf’ nature, he is caring for Bella and will stop at nothing to protect her. Jacob knew he was losing the battle of love and still was persistent, and then soon after he failed as Bella finally married Edward. 

Jacob should have ended up with Bella for many reasons, including their chemistry and his superior physical attractiveness, but the main reason is the life she is giving up going with Edward. As Jacob says, being with him would be ‘as easy as breathing.’ She would get to enjoy the rest of her life carefree with her friends and family, while still being able to truly live her life as a person. Going with Edward essentially throws her life away. She would no longer be able to see any of her old friends or family due to the Volturi, a powerful group of vampires who enforce vampire laws.

Becoming a vampire is a huge decision itself, and she can always end up regretting it in the future as it changes the entirety of her now eternal life. She loved both Jacob and Edward, and yes she chose what she wanted, but as young as she was, her immaturity and prior life experiences leading to her choice in this life-changing decision trapped her with Edward, now for the rest of her life.