Tangled in ‘twilight’: For the 14 year anniversary of “Twilight”‘s debut, Crier staffers review the first movie


Ethan Pischner and Marianna Young

Third time is a charm: A Crier staffer watches “Twilight” for the first time

Visuals of low exposure and green hues, a comforting coldness sheds in the state of Washington, a small town named Forks. Viewing “Twilight” for the third time has not yet disappointed me. 

The story builds up from Bella, the new girl, glaring at the mysterious boy who sits with his posse at lunch; the group who are absent on sunny days. The way Bella researches all night and confronts Edward the next day seems absurd. If I’d noticed someone acting strange and in turn research all night and accuse them of being a vampire I’d be deemed as insane.

         While some might find the cinematography and quick cuts in scenes poorly done, I find them thrilling. “Twilight”‘s cinematography suffices. Scenes of Edward and the vampire species running amuses me and never gets old. You cannot tell me that does not put a smile on your face. The Cullen family playing baseball right before a storm is my favorite scene. Edward chasing the ball miles through the forest, the dramatic cuts between Cullens “Supermassive Blackhole” playing, ties the scene together. 

         “Twilight” falters in questionable scenes. Awkwardness between Bella and Edward in Biology and the nickname “spider monkey” keep me up at night. Overall, we can all agree Bella is the issue. She is the real villain.

         Despite the cringe worthy scenes “Twilight” makes a perfect fall movie to laugh along with friends. Personally I’d rate “Twilight” is a solid 3.8/5.


First Imprint-sion: A Crier staffer watches “Twilight” for the first time

On November 21, 2008, a new movie franchise came to life: “Twilight”. I didn’t care about when it first came out because I was never into vampire love stories. I was also only a year old when the movie came out. I did personally enjoy watching the first movie of this series for the first time. I enjoyed watching it for the first time because it’s a different type of movie that I would normally watch regularly. 

 It entertained me how in the middle of the movie, Bella and Edward are really close together. This entertained me because during that part of the movie, there is one scene that everyone calls the “spider monkey” scene. In this scene Bella and Edward swing through the trees like spider monkeys, this goes to show how close Bella and Edward are, relationship wise. I’d rate “Twilight” a 4/5.