Fall Sports: Girls’ Golf Season Comes to an End


Lita Cleary

PRACTICING THE PUTT Lining up the shot, Alexis Schmidt, junior, warms up before the match.

Seamus Keegan, Page Editor

The girl’s golf season ended with a loss at Regionals Sept 24. Overall, they had a successful season, and the summer tournaments helped to generate team morale for when the school season began. 

“Our season really improved with the addition of three new freshmen to the team this season,” Cate Stephan, junior, said.

Although they did not make it to past Regionals, junior Alexis Schmidt also thinks the team did well but plans to improve next season. Natalia Jeknic, junior, says maintaining mental focus and locking in before matches were crucial to their achievements. 

“I think each of us made outstanding improvements this season that helped the team do extra well,” Jeknic said.