When, where and why to take the PSAT

Gage Hoekstra, Page Editor

With what would normally be the PSAT testing date fast approaching, many have wondered as to how, when and even if the test will be administered. Due to the test being categorized as “high stakes”, the PSAT must be taken in person and within the school building. In order to ensure both the safety and peace of mind of students and families, the test will be administered on two separate days, Oct. 14 for in school students and Oct. 29 for e-learners.

“We understand that different comfort levels exist within the community about attending school in-person,” Mr. Mike Wells, principal, said. “This is why we will have only at-home learners present on this day, and all health department guidelines will be strictly followed. Unfortunately, there is not an alternative method for administering the PSAT suite of assessments.” 

For those who do not complete the test, they will be unable to participate in dual credit courses come next fall and will not have access to high ability consideration. Additionally, juniors who fail to complete the exam will not be eligible for the National Merit Scholarship program, a scholarship offering $2,500 in scholarship money and serving as a prestigious academic achievement for both winners and runners up. 

While the PSAT can be stressful even during a normal year, all students are being encouraged to the highest possible degree to complete the test. For those who will soon be taking the SAT itself, the information that this test provides concerning both general ability and areas in need of improvement is invaluable. For those who will have another chance to take the test, failure to do so this year will still be accompanied by steep academic consequences.