Bridging the divide: Student Government seeks feedback

This year Student Government is making some changes, by means of a new Student Feedback Portal, accessed through the school’s website. 

Historically, Student Government has been a no policy club, meaning they focus more on events like Homecoming and spirit week. Student Government plans to make some changes to the way they operate. With a new principal and superintendent, they are looking to shift their focus toward policy and other concerns.

“We wanted to try and bring a little more advocacy into student government, to try to bring the voices of the students to administration,” Ayush Arora, senior and president of Student Government, said.

According to Ayush, that is exactly what their new Student Feedback Portal aims to do. Although Student Government Sponsor Mrs. Kathleen LaPorte does provide aid to Student Government in this project, it is largely a student initiative. 

“It’s very student-led. Which is kind of cool, to see students addressing the issues that other students have,” Mrs. LaPorte said. 

The portal will allow students to submit either a question, policy suggestion or concern, all of which can be submitted anonymously. Students are then prompted to select whether their policy is on a district-wide or school level. 

Because Student Government is a student body, they are not at the administrative level and can’t change policy. This portal was intended as a way for students to voice opinions without the stress of setting up a meeting with an administrator. 

“Maybe we can’t solve all the issues, but if kids don’t even feel heard, then we’re not doing anything right.” Mrs. LaPorte said.