Getting the numbers: Mr. Daniel Moy starts his life at MHS

Mr. Moy joins the math department at the end of semester 2

Starting his job at MHS in April, Mr. Daniel Moy has been a new face in the math department. However, he only graduated from college on May 4. Since he is still in college, Mr. Moy was surprised to get the interim position at MHS. According to Mr. Moy, getting any position at a school is a good start, but he is especially happy to have his first experience being at MHS.

“I was lucky to be given this opportunity by one of my supervisors to teach here for the rest of the year,” Mr. Moy said.

Many students at MHS have made mention of his young appearance. This was due to the fact that Mr. Moy teaches kids who he is similar in age to. 

“When I saw him in the halls, I thought he was a student at first,” Ryan Muntean, senior, said.

One could think that this may create an awkward dynamic, but Mr. Moy is unfazed and has proven himself to be a great teacher.

“I don’t care (about my young appearance), ” Mr. Moy said. “You have to work with what God gave you.”

With many different changes in staff, it caused Mr. Moy to conquer many challenges while teaching—such as what his students have learned previously and the arrangement of his classroom.

“It was a little difficult going into this so far into the year and not knowing what my students have learned or haven’t learned,” Mr. Moy said.

Some students claim that he is the best math teacher they’ve had, describing Mr. Moy as easy going, smart and easy to relate to. Though he has not been guaranteed the job yet, he will have an interview to see if he is teaching at MHS next year. 

“It’s really weird to see so many teachers go by,” Scott Robbins, senior, said. “I hope that he stays for a while more than the rest.”