The Geometric Means of Ms. Holden

Math department welcomes Ms. Lauren Holden

Ethan Cosme

With the past few years being hectic, MHS faculty has had a large number of new staff members, including Ms. Lauren Holden. She started as a student teacher and with the passing of math teacher Mr. Bob Shinkan, she soon took the role of a teacher. 

  “I feel like when I started my student teaching here, I felt like I belonged here,” Ms. Holden said. “It felt like a community. It kind of reminded me of my high school experience.”

  At the beginning of the second semester, Ms. Holden was the student teacher for Mr. Andrew Martin, a math teacher. Working with Mr. Martin, she was able to get on her feet and take on the role of a teacher. Being a student teacher allowed her to work on her communication skills, learn how to collaborate with other teachers, and fully understand what it’s like to be in a classroom.

  “She was very proactive,” Mr. Martin said. “She learned to take attendance right away, the first couple of weeks she would walk around the class and help answer questions.”

 As the second semester comes to a close, Ms. Holden reflects on her experience as an MHS teacher. Though she was originally from Cedar Lake, she decided to choose her own path which led her to MHS. 

  “Overall, I would rate my experience as fulfilling and enriching,” Mrs. Holden said.“It was a very positive experience for me. I learned a lot from my fellow teachers in the math department, administrators, custodians, substitute teachers, students and other school members.”