Bathroom Disturbances Annoy Students

Students tell on their experiences with the stealing of soap dispensers, bent doors and paper towel troubles

Deandre Jones

Students over the past few years have been continuously messing with bathrooms. Whether it’s breaking sanitary rules, bending doors, or throwing toilet paper or towels around, students have been a large factor in the bathrooms. Why would anyone do this? What did they get out of this?


This has been going on for years; since middle school vandalism has been a complication. Especially with bathroom violations. Restrictions go a long way because of these “pranks.” This has been brought into light due to the problems getting more and more intense. Students reflect on the lasting impact of the bathroom vandalism like bent the bent stall door. 

“It’s not right, but it is funny. The school has to pay for it, but it’s humorous to see,” Frank Enzo Cece, sophomore, said. 


Back in the middle of the school, and continuing through this year, people would throw wet paper towels in the stalls and ceiling. Impacting the past and the present. 

“I feel the students of this school shouldn’t and usually don’t behave this way. This is a really great school but seeing this tarnishes how good the school really is,” Mr. Brad Doctor, Dean of students said. “Munster High School is exemplary but still has its problems.”


Soap dispensers were being taken at the beginning of the school year, causing the staff some issues. Teens would take them off the hinges to be funny, as well as toilet paper and paper towels. This was to the point where staff wouldn’t put them back. “It’s just inconvenient and makes people seem like they’re dirty for coming out of the bathroom without soap,” Ricco Garrett, Sophomore, said.