Final Overload: Students Survive Finals Week

Final perspectives on how students cope with stress as they complete their finals when the school year is coming to an end


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Nyla Green

Students begin to feel stressed around finals, especially because this is the first year where everyone is in person after covid. Some students do not know how to manage their stress effectively, and that can damage their mental health. 


“I think other students don’t cope with their stress in a healthy way,” Kamryn Soares, senior, said. “They don’t get enough sleep and they tire themselves down by constantly studying. These factors can negatively impact their performance on the exams.” 


When it comes to helpful techniques of studying for students, there are numerous options available to them. Some students prefer to study in big groups, while others prefer to study alone in a quiet environment. A few ways that are good for studying is to study in larger groups, so that students can quiz each other. Quizzing each other helps you memorize your materials and it gets embedded in your head. 


“Studying in groups with people that are in your class,” Kevin Hall, junior, said. “I feel like explaining it to other people and stuff like that kind of helps you understand it as well.” 


 According to Kevin, students should take final exams seriously and diligently, as they either raise or lower your grade.  Finals are crucial for everyone, but some students find that junior year is the most significant. Junior year is known to be the most crucial year due to the number of tests prior to the start of college applications. Some juniors stress more than others, and start to scramble, but Kayley Moore, junior, finds the end of this semester better than others. 


“I think that the end of the second semester has been easier for me than I expected,” Kayley said.“With how difficult junior year was for me it comes as a shock how much less I am scrambling in comparison to the past years, even with covid. I think differently my junior year has had big things spread out throughout the whole month of May like my AP tests, completing the yearbook, taking the SAT, and preparing for finals. Usually, it’s all jam-packed in one week and gets overwhelming.” 


Furthermore, students can do a variety of activities, such as studying with a group of friends to help them cope with stress during exams. Some have negative outcomes to the same degree as overstressing themselves. Others have positive outcomes like getting the right amount of sleep, as well as getting a great score on their finals. It all relies on how the students handle it and whether they handle it correctly.