Student’s and staff’s opinion on devious licks and more trends

Staff and students talks about their opinions and experience on devious licks and flat tire


Anthony Young

HALLWAY MAYHEM Seemingly innocent trends such as stepping on shoes in the hallway can make school feel like a jungle.

Olivia Webb

Students and staff are asked for their opinions on devious licks and past trends throughout the school year. There were devious licks, stepping on people’s feet, and more. Not all were bad but not all were good either.

According to Julianna Kisel, sophomore, stepping on the back of people’s heels went from light-hearted joking around with friends to an accident that can happen around the hallways.

 “If it happened to me I would not think it was funny,” Julianna said. She also went on to say that if it were to happen to someone else the first instinct would be to laugh, but the incident in itself is not okay. 

That is not the only trend that some would say is not okay. Although the kids think it is funny, many of the teachers say otherwise. 

“It’s a shame and it’s irresponsible and the students that were doing it, were ruining it for everyone else,” Mrs. Ellen Naumoff, study hall teacher, said. 

She and the other staff members have had to be harder on the students at the start of the trend, with privileges, like going to the bathroom and leaving the room.

Towards the end of the year, the harder hold on the students has loosened. This is also due to the decrease of devious licks occurring. The bathroom breaks were no longer limited and there was more freedom if you needed to go to another class. 

“They were more strict after the devious licks, but I think it’s just because it’s the end of the year, so they don’t care as much,” Maggie Dolan, sophomore, said.