Swinging for the fences: Paige Vukadinovich finishes her final softball season at MHS


Jesse Williams

BATTER UP Standing at the home plate during Softball’s April 7 game against ___, Paige Vukadinovich, senior, gets ready to swing.

Dedicating more than half of her life to the sport she loves, Paige Vukadinovich, senior, is finishing her final season of softball here at MHS. A prominent player on the field, she plans to continue her softball journey and academics at Georgia Tech.

“I am super excited for college. It is definitely going to be a change from high school ball, but I think I’ve worked hard training wise and it will show next year when I’m at Georgia Tech,” Vukadinovich said.

Her hard work does not go unnoticed by her coaches. Vukadinovich’s former coach, Coach Beth Raspopovich, is very excited for Vukadinovich and what the future holds for her. Vukadiovich has always caught Coach Raspopvich’s eye with her playing ability, and the charisma she brings to the team. 

“Offensively she’s a very good hitter,” Coach Raspopvich said, “She hits her average, she has power and she is fast on the bases. Defensively she’s got a strong strong arm. But then, just her tenacity. She has a desire to be the best, and wanting to be the best is infectious for everyone.”

Vukadinovich’s dedication has even led her to be a part of the second annual “Under Armour Alliance All American All Star” game, which will be televised on ESPN on July 24. Forty of the top high school seniors across the country have been selected to compete in this game at the Kokomo Municipal Stadium in Indiana. Vukadinovich feels bittersweet as she moves onto these bigger opportunities and departs from the memories and bonds she formed at MHS.

“I’m definitely going to miss playing for such a great school, but most importantly I’m going to miss the girls,” she said, “I have grown so close to every one of them, and they are like my second family. We laugh, cry, dance and sing together as a team. No matter what, we have each other’s backs, always.”