¡Bienvenidos, Señora Scott!

Say ¡Hola! to MHS’s new Spanish teacher


Atarah Israel

HOLA MS. SCOTT In her classroom, Ms. Alissa Scott takes on the role of new Spanish teacher.

Sydney Jones

The classroom smelled of citrus air freshener. It was quiet as all the students were on the edge of their seats. Everyone in Ms. Salinas’ Spanish 1 class was awaiting this bitter-sweet moment of the arrival of a new teacher, Mrs. Scott and the departure of Ms. Salinas.  Ms. Salinas has to leave to take on the grueling role of assistant principal at a different school. Mrs. Alissa Scott, a brand new Spanish teacher at MHS, arrived just weeks ago. Students seem delighted to have Mrs. Scott around and excited for the change. 

“I love Munster High School.  The students and staff have been very welcoming and so nice,” Mrs. Scott said.

“She is an experienced teacher and I think we like to do similar things in our classes, so it will be fun to share ideas,” Mrs. Audrey Fuhs, fellow Spanish teacher, said. 

Mrs. Scott says how she loves teaching and getting to know student’s personalities. 

“My first teaching job was teaching high school Spanish, and I loved it,” she said. “ I have been wanting to teach high school again for the last few years.” 

“I really like how she goes above and beyond with teaching class and also helping out students whenever needed,” Abby Mena, freshman, and a student in one of her classes, said.

Mrs. Scott has also studied abroad and been to some Spanish speaking countries.

“I spent a semester in Denia, Spain and also a month in Merida, Mexico when I was in college,”she said.

Mrs. Scott ends her interview with a hope of what she can accomplish while teaching. She said that some of her best experiences while teaching was when she could connect with students and become friends with them.

“I hope that my students have fun learning Spanish and open their minds to the amazing Spanish-speaking cultures in our world,” she said.“I hope my students feel seen and heard and important when they are in my classroom.”