Swinging to Conference: Boys’ Golf post season approaches


EJ Boersma

SWINGING STRAIGHT Teeing off for the first time all week, John Linnane, senior, practices for an upcoming conference match. Boys’ Golf has been practicing at Centennial Park during the school week, working towards a conference title.

Alison Lee, Deadline Manager

Swinging, Blake Siurek, captain, hits the ball and watches as it flies into the green. The Boys’ Golf team, after a rainy but successful season, are now gearing up for Conference at Sherwood next Tuesday. With a current record of 9-1, the team hopes to continue their Conference champions streak.

“Unfortunately we were a couple of strokes off last year from getting out of Regionals,” Blake Siurek, senior and captain, said. “So our main goal would be to get out of regionals. I would love to go further than we ever have before. I know that will make everyone happy.”

Regionals is set for June 9 at Sandy Pines. In the meantime, the team goes to Centennial Park or Wicker to practice every day after school. They practice by playing nine holes or around the green. 

“Everyday you go out there you never know what you’re gonna do. You could either shoot the course record or shoot the worst course record,” John Linnane, senior, said. “And honestly, just spending time with the team is fun; they’re some good people.”

Today, they have their final Conference opponent, Highland and their senior night. After, they will begin their post-season. 

As Coach William Smitka would advise, “Make a putt. Do that and everything else will take care of itself.”