Eating at school usually isn’t fun, unless it’s with Mr. Boruff

On Tuesdays mornings there is breakfast club in Mr. Boruff’s room. He has bread, butter, a toaster, cereal, bowls, milk, and spoons for anyone to have and take.


Atarah Israel

BREAKFAST CLUB Snacks lay spread on a table for Breakfast Club that happens every Tuesday and Thursday. A newly instated event by Mr. Benjamin Boruff, english teacher, students are able to come in early in the morning to eat a sustaining breakfast.

Lita Cleary

Sitting in Mr. Ben Boruff’s, English and Creative Writing teacher, classroom during contact time, you can smell toast, butter, milk and cereal. Mr. Boruff started Breakfast Club after his 7th hour class asked him to bring milk to school for his boxes of cereal. 

“I realized the stars aligned,” Mr. Boruff said when he thought of the idea. “I could just make Breakfast Club.”

On average, there are 10-15 or more students in his room trickling in and out as they get bowls and filling them up with cereal as well as chatting with friends. 

“I liked the fact that I had something to do on Tuesday’s mornings,” Tyler Spain, junior, said. 

So far, the club has only met three times, but Mr. Boruff plans to make it an actual club for next year. 

“I’m in his Creative Writing class first hour and I decided to go because I forgot it was Tuesday so I thought school started at 7:30 a.m.,” Kaylea Stanczak, freshman, said.

No matter the grade, students can always come in and take some food before their  day. Even students who haven’t had Mr. Boruff come by and talk with him.

“The food that Mr. Boruff had was better than the school’s and I loved talking to him in the morning before my day. He always makes me smile,” Tatum Hernandez, junior, said.