Art Club finishes their last projects for this year

MHS art club finishes up what they can on the mural and other projects


Lita Cleary

SPICING IT UP In Art Club, Amelia Zajakowski, senior, paints a chair for her project.

Miranda Fisher

Throughout the school year, MHS’s art club has worked on many projects. Some of these include chairs for the Chairish the Children, the mural in the north area, and a tulip for the Tiptoe Thru Town Project by the Munster Civic Foundation. The Munster Civic Foundation has sponsored many events and projects to help promote community spirit, and the purpose of the tulips is to show an exhibit spread throughout town for residents to enjoy. 

Twice a week, art club students meet up to work on many projects. Although some students may come in during more than just their after school meetings.

“There were people that were coming in during their MRTs,” Mrs. Elena Lopez, art teacher, said. “After school, there were also people who were working on the tulips during class time and stuff like that as well.”

This is the first time the art club has painted tulips, but a few years before, they did something similar with the owl in the courtyard by the cafeteria. Another project students have been working on is the mural in the north hall. Although, the mural likely won’t be finished due to the lack of time and starting late.

“I feel we should have started meeting more often earlier than April,” Armani Bearden, sophomore, said, “As soon as we started we should’ve been meeting 2-3 times a week.”

Even though there have been difficulties with lack of members and time, the mural has opened up students to become friends with each other.

“Just talking with the other members has been a fun experience,” said Armani, “I’ve met and made friends with many people. It is cool to bond over our enjoyment of art.”