Editorial: Dear Mr. Nolan,


MHS, though it may not always seem like it, is constantly changing. As the years go on, we find ourselves adjusting to changes in curriculum, changes in student voices and changes in the overall culture. Whether it be as small as a pass policy, or as grand as a new principal, MHS has to continuously be flexible. With this, we expect our new administration to reflect these changes.

A major aspect of the change MHS is seeing is its increasingly diverse population. In the past five years, MHS has seen a 33% increase of non-white students. With a new superintendent incoming, we would like to see non-white administrators and teachers being hired to work alongside Mr. Nolan. Groups such as Inclusion Diversity Equity Awareness (IDEA) exemplify efforts made by our district to address this shift, but communication should not simply end there. Bridging the gap between administration and the student body should also include everyday effort within the school halls.

With Mr. Nolan’s goal of placing an emphasis on student voice, we expect that this extends to marginalized communities. Having difficult conversations beyond surface-level subjects is important. Students need to be more aware that organizations like IDEA exist. The burden of creating these support systems should not fall to the students. It is the administration’s responsibility to ensure that every student has a safe place in Munster, beyond areas such as Black Culture Club and Gay-Straight Alliance. 

Additionally, we would like to see more effort in making students comfortable. Whether it be being more visible in the hallway or striking up conversations with students during downtime, increased interaction between administration and students will make administrators more approachable. Consequently, during times when students are in need of an authority figure to confide in, lines of communication will already be open.

With these expectations, we understand that there will be rules students do not like. While we understand that this is necessary, we need to be made aware of the reasoning behind certain rules, such as the absent or late policies. A system of trust between students and staff can only be possible when students are not left in the dark—when they can truly recognize that the school is working in their best interest. Even having communication beyond the daily email announcements can indirectly provide a space of voice for students. Mr. Nolan, we’d love to hear your voice—and other administration—on the PA regularly. 

We have high hopes for the changes that Mr. Nolan will implement next year to better the community of Munster, and we are excited to see where MHS will go in the future.

Thank you for hearing us,

Crier staff