Taking back the title: Girls’ Track wins Conference and Sectionals, moves on to Regionals


Anthony Young

Raising the bar Eyes closed, Ryan Hughes, senior, vaults over the high jump bar during the NCC Conference meet at MHS

Alison Lee, Deadline Manager

The track field was buzzing with anticipation as the Girls’ Track team sat, waiting for the winner to be announced. Then, a voice boomed: “Munster.” The Girls’ Track team screamed in joy, running to hug each other. They had won Sectionals. 

“It feels crazy since we haven’t won both Sectionals and Conference since the year before my freshman year,” Rebecca Franco, senior, said. “It feels so full circle being able to bring both titles back home to us after these four years of fighting for it. It’s a perfect end to my senior season and year.” 

Now, the girls are preparing for Regionals. It is set to take place next Tuesday. 

“We’re working together as a team and we’re having really hard practices right now doing repeats of 200s and 400s and a lot of work on endurance,” Kylee Marshall, sophomore, said.

After a long season of rain, building muscle, and decreasing times, the Girls’ are excited to end their season with a bang. 

“We (the coaches) believe in them,” Head Coach Dillon Pierie said. “And as long as they try their best they will make us proud.”