OPINION: “I didn’t understand it was a privilege to have these things.”


Alison Lee, Deadline manager

I have lived in Munster practically my entire life. Sometimes I resented the fact that I have lived in the same place for nearly 15 years. I wanted to run away. But now that I am leaving, I have realized how much Munster has provided me, despite its flaws. 

I first began to realize when an adult told me, “You’re lucky to go to Munster. Other families would love to go here.” I laughed uncomfortably, not really understanding. But it made me curious. I met a kid who moved from a neighboring school. They said, “I’m so happy I get to go here. They teach a lot better here.” I was confused, because I thought all teaching is mostly the same. But it was when I was talking to another girl about my extracurriculars, she said, “I wish we had all those clubs.” Shocked, I asked her why she didn’t have clubs. She shrugged, saying, “No one wants to sponsor them. But also money. Money’s a huge factor.” 

As obvious as it seemed, I took for granted the money it takes to fund club and field trip fees. I knew it was a privilege, but I didn’t understand the scope of it. Parent donations, fundraisers, money from the township, the Booster Club, teachers sponsoring clubs–all are given for the students, and quite literally make trips and clubs possible. It is also the reason why I was able to attend DECA ICDC, because the Booster Club gave a donation that allowed us to cut our costs by nearly half. Internationals has been online for the past two years, so being able to go in-person truly makes me grateful, as not everyone gets to have these things. 

Munster has its flaws, as most schools do, but I will always be grateful for the many opportunities and good memories Munster provided. Thank you to the town, the administration, the parents and teachers, for building and maintaining a wonderful place for students to thrive.