OPINION: One way mirror


Alexis Perez, Design chief

Privileged and lucky: names that Munster has and always will be called. When people think of Munster, they think of students that are rich and selfish–at least,that’s what I think. We are lucky to be at such a high ranked school for education–but we are not all privileged in ways.


Living in Munster is nice. It’s a small town and almost everyone knows each other.  Munster is typically known for being a place where you get a good education, Munster also is not all about being rich and privileged; in fact, a lot of students aren’t privileged. I believe that people think that Munster kids can do whatever they want without consequence, but this is far from the truth.


 I think Munster is pretty strict depending on who you are such as teachers or staff liking certain students giving them different types of privileges. Saying you are from Munster may give people the impression that you only care about self appearance and pretty houses, but behind the curtains,students just try their best to get through the day. Classes in Munster are harder, giving a better academic schedule for colleges to look at, but from the inside this just creates stress. I suggest taking it slow because some students struggle to keep up in classes, especially if they are involved in extracurricular activities.