Say cheese: Crier staffers review various cheeses

Lauren Hoogeveen, Page Editor

Cheese: Arguably America’s signature food. High-protein. Easy to prepare. Delicious. Here’s a few cheeses to fuel your spring break shenanigans. 

Muenster (4.5 out of 5):

Out of the three cheeses, the Muenster cheese was definitely the lightest. It had a very mild, buttery flavor that everyone really liked. It did seem a little bland since the flavor was so mellow, but it wasn’t boring. Some staffers argued that it was bland, but the majority enjoyed the light flavor.

Gouda (4 out of 5):

More in the middle ground, the gouda cheese was slightly sharper than the Muenster but not overwhelming. The taste was very rich and it had some nutty undertones. Gouda seemed like a cheese someone would put in a sandwich or in mac and cheese, but staffers liked putting it on crackers. This cheese was the perfect balance of sharpness, so the whole staff really enjoyed it.

Feta (0.5 out of 5):

Although many staffers had previously tried feta cheese and did not like it, they decided to give it another chance. In contrast to Muenster cheese, the feta was very sharp, tangy and sour. Upon opening the container, the smell was overwhelmingly acidic. Overall, staffers felt that feta was not a cheese that should be eaten by itself, and the flavor would be less strong mixed in a salad or pasta.