MHS mourns the loss of longtime teacher and baseball coach Mr. Bob Shinkan

Atarah Israel, Editor-in-Chief

With the pep session still being held later today, students and staff mourn the loss of Mr. Bob Shinkan, recently retired Baseball coach and math teacher of 40 years. After a lengthy battle with cancer, Mr. Shinkan passed away yesterday night. Coworkers, students and athletes alike have been touched by his death. During his 35-years at MHS as the head coach of Baseball, his team won 688 games, including a state competition in 2002.

“As you all know by now, we have the pep session later today,” Mr. Mike Wells, principal, said over the intercom this morning in an announcement to the school. “You may be wondering why we’re still having it. I talked to teachers and staff today and they unanimously agreed that Mr. Shinkan would have wanted the session to go on. He would’ve wanted the sports captains and club leaders to get recognition for their accomplishments, and for the Turnabout court to get the recognition they deserve.”