Speech prepares to compete at Sectionals, determined to advance


Anna Evilsizor

MAKING A DIFFERENCE Performing in the original oratory category, Gabriela Ruiz, junior, explains beauty standards on social media. “I’ve been on TikTok and see filters always being used and the comments always complain about them,” Gabriela said. “I wanted to explore that a little bit more.”

Cracking down on practices. Perfecting facial expressions. Listening to critique from peers. Whether utilizing any of these techniques, Speech knows all too well that preparing for State is never an easy task. Sectionals, taking place tomorrow, will determine if students compete at State March 11-12.

“(Being able to hold) State in-person will be fun for sure, you meet a lot of awesome kids and those who are dedicated to speech you’ll be able to see at future tournaments,” Grace Harris, sophomore, said. “It’s significantly better than sitting in your basement alone waiting for breaks. We usually play games and just talk and relax, it makes for a really good bond with the team.”

The shift from online to in-person competitions marks a welcome, yet challenging change for Speech. On March 5, Speech will head to Crown Point High School to compete at Districts.

“I think the current team is one of the most connected teams we’ve had in Speech and Debate,” Charlie Mason, senior and president of Speech, said. “There hasn’t been much that we can’t get through together. We all put our heads down (and) do the work. We’re coming to win State.”