Cheer performs at basketball games


Anna Evilsizor

IN THE AIR Practicing an arabesque lib to the Corner flyer, seniors Hannah Cockrum, Simona Terek, and Alejandra Alvarado, and Leena Campagna, junior, practice a stunt. “This (stunt) is one of my favorites because we do a skip called a ‘walkout’ out of this,” Terek said.

Reena Alsakaji, Story Editor

Despite the competition season being cancelled due to covid, the cheer team has not stopped working amidst the unusual circumstances.

 Last Saturday, the entire team spent the day teaching younger kids a dance and some cheers to go along with that. But primarily, the team has been working on new stunts and perfecting new skills in order to be able to cheer on during the basketball season. Practicing Mondays and Wednesdays after school, the team has worked towards being more productive at practice and trying out new techniques. 

“I’m most excited to win the rest of the basketball games. My favorite thing about being on the team (this season) is being able to cheer for our boys and support the student body,” Meagan Hudson, junior, said.