Dumbbells in the dining room: students explain their at-home exercise routines

Students explain their at-home exercise routines

With covid cases rising after the start of the new year, many students have returned to some quarantine memories—home fitness. For those who own exercise equipment, like Sam Foreit, senior, it was an easier transition from the bustling gyms that athletes knew so well.

Along with bodyweight workouts such as squats, pushups, sit-ups and any of their variations, Sam also uses the equipment he owns, such as dumbbells and resistance bands.

“There is more available [equipment] for me at the gym, but working out at home is more comfortable and private,” Foreit said. “They both have their pros and cons.”

Starting her exercise routine last summer, Addison Dzurovcik, sophomore, found many benefits of working out at home. She felt more focused on herself, less intimidated in comparison to the gym and that there was a more relaxed environment.

“I like being able to focus on myself [at home] but sometimes I lose motivation,” Dzurovcik said. “I remind myself to keep going, remember my goals and work on my mental toughness.”

For Sydney Frantal, junior, exercising and participating in sports is nothing new. From 8th grade to sophomore year, she started working on specific muscle groups, did a session of powerlifting and had a personal trainer. Sydney slowly started to integrate what she learned from her experiences into the workouts and exercises she maintains today.

“I think that working out gives me a different look on life,” Frantal said. “I am more grateful for what I have, and I love making my body and mindset stronger.”


Five tips and tricks for exercising at home from Ms. Karen Schutters, personal trainer and co-owner of  Priority Fitness