School Board testifies against HB 1182


Photo taken from School Town of Munster website.

ALL THE WAY TO INDY Appearing with over a dozen other people, John Doherty, school board member, testified against HB 1182 Jan. 11.

Josephine Mittelberger

Correction Jan. 23, 2022: Due to a typo, this story originally suggested that Mr. John Doherty was both a school board member, as well as the board’s attorney. Ms. Angela Jones is the board attorney. 

As of now two important bills in the hands of elected representatives are at a halt, House Bill 1182 and House Bill 1134. HB 1182 states that, if passed, each school board candidate would have to announce their affiliation with a political party. Mr. John Doherty school board member and attorney Miss Angela Jones testified against HB 1182 in Indianapolis, arguing that bringing politics into children’s education is inappropriate. Additionally, HB 1134 would force teachers to post certain lesson plans to the school’s website and allow parents to opt students out of certain lesson plans—causing teachers to create new lessons. Despite the pause, because aspects of an old bill can still be inserted into a new bill, therefore still affecting the public. 

“The important thing to remember is that we’re there to serve children,” Mr. Doherty said. “None of the children in the School Town of Munster are Democrats, Republicans or independent, and it’s been the philosophy of our current board that we leave our political affiliation at the door when we meet.”