MTC sees success at Regionals, prepares for State


Jesse Rock

Rehearsing for “Fire Exit” Jordan Fefferman, freshman, Josh Decker, Envy Kikkert, sophomores and Jim Ferguson, junior, reflect on their roles.

Atarah Israel, Editor-in-Chief

As Chloe Sarkady, sophomore, anxiously awaited to hear the results of Munster Theatre Company’s regional competition Dec. 4, she was surprised to hear the final announcement—the cast of “Fire Exit” placed first. Additionally, the performers won Best Ensemble.

“I did not expect it at all,” Chloe said. “Second place was a really, really good show. I was like, ‘I think I know who’s going to be first,’ and then they announced us, and I was was like ‘Oh my, you did not just say that.’”

Practicing consistently for three months both during rehearsals and on their own time, the performers dedicated much of their time to creating realistic, in-depth characters. As the first of his casts to place first at Regionals, Mr. Raymond Palasz, auditorium director, has high hopes for their performance at State in January.

“It was exciting but, more than that, it felt like a well earned reward,” Mr. Palasz said. “This is a show that the students really took to a level that I had not seen students take a show to before. My goal is for us to place in the top three at State. I think this group of students has what it takes to put in the work to keep the show fresh.”