Wrestling sees an increase in participation


MOTION MOVEMENT Circling around the mat, Adam Muntean, sophomore, waits for an opportunity at the Valparaiso Tournament.

Gage Hoekstra, PR manager

In the past few years, Wrestling has struggled to maintain a membership of more than 20 members, but due to a recent and massive increase in interest, this year the team now has a total of 33 members. The increase in members has been great for the team’s chances at competitions and general morale, but only time will tell if Coach Zachary Slosser, athletics administrator, assistant Coach Tim Maldonado and captains Elijah Homan, senior and Gabe Tienstra, senior,  will be able to manage the sudden increase in members. 

 “It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, you have to learn,” Slosser said. “We’re all close knit, and even the new kids that come in see how close the older guys are and it’s kind of contagious to be a part of. I’m just very grateful for every kid that’s interested in it, and I really feel like the entire school’s getting more interested in it.”

Wrestling currently is 7-4. For the past week, the team has been preparing for tomorrow’s superduel at MHS. 

The team’s practice schedule currently includes practice after school every weekday, an additional morning practice on non-competition Saturdays and Thursday morning yoga sessions. The length of any given practice varies depending on the rigor of the routines, but it usually lasts about two and a half hours. Practices usually begin with a variety of conditioning exercises, before moving on to one on one spars.

 “I’d like to win Sectionals at my weight class. I’d like to compete the entire year. I’d like to push as hard as we can, and just have a great last season,” Markus Ciciora, senior, said.