DECA prepares for Districts


Ava Tucker

BACK IN BUSINESS During practice, Amelia Konstantinopoulos, senior and club and Region 1 president, and seniors and vice presidents of leadership Alison Lee, and Basilia Kostopanagiotou explain how events work as they give instructions to a practice test. “(There is) definitely a new atmosphere of new members than I’ve seen in the past. It is exciting that they want to do well,” Amelia said.

Gage Hoekstra, PR Manager

After missing a year of  in-person events, DECA saw a decrease in membership. With Districts at Ivy Tech in Valparaiso Jan. 15, DECA has been ramping up its practice schedule.

“More than anything, this is a rebuilding year,” Amelia Konstantinopoulos, senior and club and Region 1 president, said. “Last year was a struggle for everyone, but we pushed on through and this year I think we are going to do even better. We have the numbers and skills to really try and make it as far as we can, and I’m excited to see how that turns out.”

This year, DECA has seen a resurgence of interest in the club, with students quickly beginning to refill its ranks. DECA features two types of events, written and roleplay. Roleplay competitors are given a business scenario with specific objectives and have to create a presentation. Written events involve  writing a pair and presenting it. DECA has been practicing these events starting Dec. 8. Yesterday, the team practiced role plays with leadership judging in preparation for Districts

“It takes a lot to qualify,” Mr. Ryan Popa, business teacher and club sponsor, said. “The highlight of the season is always getting to travel for Districts and State, and the kids really work for it. Our goal is to send as many people to Atlanta (Internationals) as possible.”

Seeking to raise money for the team’s upcoming competitions, DECA held its Dec. 1 Chipotle fundraiser.

“We put a whole lot of effort into advertising the event,” George Dovellos, sophomore, said. “I saw a lot of DECA kids there, and I really think a lot of us made an effort to go.”