Robotics continues to use Fab Lab


EJ Boersma

CAUTION Training students how to use the circular saw, Amelia Konstantinopoulos, senior, teaches equipment safety. Amelia has been helping Robotics members get their training certification for the Fab Lab.

Alexis Perez, Design Chief

Walking into a room of opportunities, Robotics sets up equipment to produce their own work after being open for more than a month. According to Austin Beetson, junior, students  can come in and learn about things they wouldn’t be able to otherwise, such as using a laser engraver or a 3D printer. On Dec. 9 Robotics had tool training. Their season officially kicks off Jan. 8. 

“The (Fab Lab) gives us many different opportunities we weren’t able to get with our old workshop,” Antonio Cantu, senior, said. “It will be a great help for when our season starts.”