Girls’ basketball plays during the height of their season with a record of 6-6


EJ Boersma

JUMP SHOT Leaping into the air to take a shot, Zoie Bailey, senior, seeks to score a three in a game against East Chicago on Dec. 7, winning 59 to 21. Girl’s Basketball has a record of 6-6. “We are working on learning how to play together as a team because all of our seniors from last year left and it left a big gap in the team,” Bailey said. “My hope for the season is to make it to regionals.”

Reena Alsakaji , Story Editor

The crowd backed up. 

Standing at the free throw line with her team backed against her, Trinity Hogge, junior, prepared to make six free throw shots in a row by herself. Hearing the screams of both her own team and the opposing side, Hobart, in the distance, Hogge never felt more nervous. But as she made all six shots, not missing a single one, the surrounding stares fell away and Hogge never felt more relieved with the roaring cheers of her teammates in triumph.

“Everyone was cheering so much and I just felt so special,” Hogge said. “It was probably one of my favorite moments (this season). I think we won by either five or six or seven. I literally talked to myself I was just like ‘I have to make these.’”

The victory against Hobart was an important one, bringing the team to their first conference win with a current conference record of 2-1. It was a game the girls were looking forward to, desiring an opportunity to show off their skills following the start to their season. 

“I think our team this season has struggled to find itself because we lost a lot of seniors last year,” Zoie Bailey, senior, said. “I feel like the Hobart game really showed us that we have gotten to the point where we are figuring it out and succeeding and still doing good without those past players.” 

Holding a current record of 6-6, the girls began their season in a tough spot, but have pushed past their difficulties. The intense victory at Hobart was a turning point for the girls as they played with their all, but the team’s first win for the season against Michigan City Nov. 9 holds a special place in some hearts. The girls’ next game is the Portage Holiday Tourney against Portage Dec. 28. 

“The first time we won was a great time because we had lost our first couple of games,” Nikki Sullivan, senior, said. “We played as a team for the first time (there).” 

Facing a smaller team than in years past, the girls have had to make up for these obstacles through rigorous work. Practices can depend on the next game date, but are after school for two and a half hours. The girls run through drills, scrimmage and watch plays from other teams, but arguably one of the most important things the team has done this year has been a focus on skill set in order to prepare for their games. 

“It has been difficult finding out what our team’s best talents are, what each person individually is good at,” Bailey said. “Our team has been progressing (and) I feel like we’ve improved to the point where we had the potential to beat (East Chicago).”

Bailey’s adamant determination reflected the outcome of the match, as the team defeated East Chicago Dec. 7 with a final score of 56-21. As the team has focused on an intense practice schedule with a particular focus, each team member has to play an important role. This includes both underclassmen as they enter a crucial part of the play, but upperclassmen who have had to take on a leadership position. 

“I think I contribute a decent amount of leadership,” Sullivan said. “I definitely took a step off in that direction when we lost all our seniors. I don’t think (there is more pressure being an upperclassman), I think the pressure part is making sure the underclassmen are learning what they need to learn.” 

Overall, the team is at the peak of their season with their wins starting to accumulate a presence. Getting through this season has been a tough ordeal for all of the girls, but it has solidified their support for one another on another level. 

“(In general), a lot of people don’t go to games but since there’s a lack of a student section and just a crowd in general, the bench has to make up for it,” Hogge said. “They are always supporting no matter what and I always feel good playing.”