Science Olympiad prepares for team’s first competition


Kristen Baurain

MEASURING UP Assembling his materials, Veer Jhaveri, sophomore, plans out his design in the lab. “I’m definitely looking forward to competing against other teams,” Veer said. “I want to see how my hard work measures up.”

Lauren Hoogeveen, Page Editor

Putting the finishing touches on their builds and fitting in the last study session, members of Science Olympiad have been preparing for their upcoming virtual competition Nov. 20, hosted by Palatine High School. The Palatine Invitational is one of the earliest competitions Science Olympiad can participate in, which jump-starts the season and helps them practice for state. 

As a whole for this season, our goal is to reclaim the state title and subsequently compete in nationals,” Arman Kumar, senior and captain, said. “I believe that this year’s team has what it takes to go all the way (to State), as we’ve got many talented members. I have high hopes for our performance.”

To prepare for the competition, many members are testing their builds, which are devices they create to perform a certain task, putting together binders and reference sheets and talking to their partners to coordinate planning for test strategies.