Women Empowerment Club holds meeting on women’s fashion


Henry Hofferth

EMPOWERING OTHERS Dressed as senior citizens during Homecoming’s spirit week, seniors and club founders Riley Ramirez and Kate Krawczyk speak about the club’s purpose.

Lauren Hoogeveen, Page Editor

New this year, Women Empowerment Club was started by seniors Riley Ramirez and Kate Krawczyk, who held their callout meeting Sept. 13 and their first meeting Sept. 27. The club has focused on teaching members how to be an empowered person, educating them about important women in history and creating a safe space for others. Their most recent meeting was held on Monday, where they discussed influential fashion designers and had a guest speaker talk about her vintage clothing business. 

“One of the biggest goals we have is not only empowering a lot of people who are in the club, but creating a safe space for a lot of students,” Kate said. “I feel it’s going to become a good place for people to connect if they don’t have a sport or other huge club to go to.”