Boys’ Tennis season concludes

Sroka, Morton win Doubles Runner-up at State Individuals, Tennis season ends following State


Evneki Crenshaw

SYNCING UP Taking a break after a set, Charlie Morton, senior, and Daniel Sroka, junior, practice after school. Morton and Sroka would eventually go on to compete at State and win State runner-up. “When I’m playing, I think it’s mainly just in the moment, you can’t really think about anything else,” Morton said. “If you focus on the ball, you can’t really go wrong.”

Reena Alsakaji, Story Editor

After fighting long and hard to meet their goal of qualifying for State, the Boys’ Tennis season comes to an end. Overall, the team had a successful season, entering State with a record of 17-4. At State, partners Charlie Morton, senior, and Daniel Sroka, junior, qualified for Individuals and won State runner-up. 

“I definitely proved even further to myself that in the worst times I can still come up on top and keep battling,” Morton said. “(At State), we (my partner and I) had many moments where we were down on ourselves and we weren’t playing well. We were down where if they (the opposing team) won the next point they would have won the entire set. So, to come back from that is a really big mental win.” 

At the beginning of each season, the boys set goals for themselves: initially, it was to be undefeated in Northwest Indiana, then to continue the State record for sectional titles and to conquer Regionals before moving onto State. Holding the title of Sectional, Regional and Semi-State championship, the team ends their season with pride. 

“Since my sophomore year we’ve been down to State,” Ryan Muntean, senior, said. “(Being on the team) just represents all the hard work I put in. (When I’m playing), I think of everything I’ve done to get to that point, and I’m pretty nervous when I play, but I try to push past that and think of what I did to get there and what I need to do to get past this opponent and win the match.” 

Through the challenges faced at State as well as the preparation, the team formed a tighter bond. With daily practices each day after school, the team formed a community with a common goal in mind. Through post practice dinners and mini tournaments within the team, the boys were able to bond with one another. For some members, being able to attend State and even simply being part of the team was not just a goal, but a unique experience tying the boys together. 

“(Being on the tennis team) means everything,” Morton said. “It’s a family, and I don’t know what I would do without them. I know (with) any one of those players on the team, I can call up and ask for help and they’ll be there.”

Despite their loss, the accomplishment of making it to State reflected the hard work by the boys all season. The team had work to fix from the year prior, according to Coach Patrick Spohr, Wilbur Wright P.E. teacher, but since the beginning of this season, the team felt a taste of victory.

“Our overall goal is and has always been to make it to State,” Coach Spohr said. “On the back of our practice shirts, we have the outline of the state of Indiana with a star in the middle with the words ‘BOUT TIME’ above it. It has always been about getting to State no matter what team is in our path.”

“You can’t play perfectly but you can play close to it. (At State), there’s nothing, there’s no regretting moments.”
— Charlie Morton, senior
(EJ Boersma)
“It was a crazy experience being in the State Championship. We played well but came a little short of our desired goal.”
— Daniel Sroka, junior (EJ Boersma)