Students reflect on passing of peer, GoFundMe reaches its goal

Atarah Israel, Editor-in-Chief

Hours after the unfortunate news was announced during seventh hour Oct. 7, the Snapchat stories of students were flooded with condolences for the family of William Earls, senior, who had passed away a day prior. In addition to the messages of shock and sympathy were rallies to share his GoFundMe—started by Will’s aunts, Mrs. Ashley and Jessica Earls, it was made to help cover funeral costs. As of now, the fund has reached $16,493, surpassing its $15,000 goal. 

“It feels amazing that the GoFundMe goal was met,” Arianna Rodriguez, senior and long-term girlfriend, said. “That goal was achieved in just a short amount of time and I was just in awe at how fast people were donating and sharing. I saw many people from school also contributing and it means a lot to his family, friends and I to see so many generous donations followed by sweet messages.”

In the wake of Will’s passing, local media, like this article released by Shaw media or this one from Region News Source, have detailed the circumstances surrounding his death. He is remembered by those around him as a 10 All-American title wrestling champion, boyfriend and former Gavit student.

“Will was the best person you could ever meet,” Arianna said. “He is the most funny, caring, loving, thoughtful, loyal, trustworthy, generous, kind-hearted soul. He is also the most honest as he did not have a filter. He said what he felt and was never going to sugar coat it for anyone. I want him to be remembered for all of the laughs he provided and for every amazing trait he has.”