Meeting and learning about law enforcement


EJ Boersma

SEEKING SIDES Speaking in front of many students, Detective Mark Ashcraft and Officer Gabe Isenblatter explain law enforcement in the region to Civics Club.

Alexis Perez, Design Chief

Picking up the pace with questions and answers with fellow officers in the area, Civics Club held a meeting Oct. 6 regarding law enforcement.  The two officers at the meeting were Resource Officer Gabe Isenblatter and Detective Mark Ashcraft. Students that are in the Civics club had to at least ask one question in the meeting to earn participation. Seniors Libby Fesko, president, Louie Wolf, vice president and Avery Beerling, secretary, each play an important role, such as planning the meetings and sending emails to keep everyone informed. For the meeting they contacted Officer Gabe, and he had connections to other officers that he works with agree to come in and talk to the students.

“It’s nice to learn about the committee (executive councils), because we get to talk to the school board, police officers and (the) leadership roles in our school,” Avery said.