From teacher to administrator

Three administrative positions are filled for the new school year

EJ Boersma

Name: Ms. Beth Raspopovich

Position: Assistant Athletic Director

Education: Bachelor’s in Math Education from DePaul, Master’s in Leadership from Ball State

Background: Math teacher in Chicago for six years and math teacher in Munster for 24 years

What I Do: “The biggest thing we try to do is scheduling, lots of paperwork for the coaches, running events, lots of problem solving, dealing with some of our athletes as well as the issues they may have. Helping the coaches as much as we can in order to have seasons run as smoothly as we possibly can.”

What I Like About MHS: “We have some amazing students not only in the classroom (but) on fields, and honestly good human beings for the most part.”

Things I Appreciate in MHS: “I appreciate all the help that Mr. (Ira) Zimmer (athletic director) is giving me. I have so much to learn, (and) he’s been super helpful. First teaching me, but also allowing me to make my mistakes and figure it out.”

What I am Looking Forward To: “Learning all the different nuances and aspects of this job because there’s a lot more than what I had anticipated. So getting the lay of the land.”

Favorite Color: Red

Fun Fact: “I’m in the DePaul Hall of Fame for softball.”


EJ Boersma

Name: Ms. Helen Fuller

Position: Dean of Students for Juniors and Seniors

Education: Bachelor’s in English (Focus on Education) from PNW and Masters in Education from IUN

Background: English teacher at Portage High School for 18 years and teacher at Portage middle school for 10 years

How I Use My Experience: ”I just think it’s important to understand what students are like in the classroom. My main job here is to support kids and teachers. I’m fresh out of the classroom, so I know what that is like.”

What I Like About MHS: ” I love how fully staffed the school is, I just feel they have supportive adults here for kids and help get that full experience. Based on where I come from, that’s unusual to me, and I think it’s wonderful, just a very supportive people.”

Things I Appreciate in MHS: “Mr. (Brian) Clark (assistant principal) is such a patient, kind, wise teacher for both me and Mr. Docter, and I love that Mr. Docter and I are both new in this position, so I really appreciate that.”

What I am Looking Forward To: “To learn and grow and get to a point where I know what I’m doing.”

Favorite Color: Yellow (on flowers)

Fun Fact: “I bought myself a new accordion this summer. I played it when I was a kid, so I’ve been looking for one forever and I found one. It’s gold and sparkly.”


EJ Boersma

Name: Mr. Brad Docter

Position: Dean of Students for Freshmen and Sophomores

Education:  Bachelor’s  in Education from Trinity Christian College, Master’s in  Administration from PNW and Bachelor’s in Marketing from Arizona State University

Background: Business teacher at Lowell High School for eight years and business teacher at MHS for four years

What I Do: “I know everybody thinks that the dean is discipline and attendance, and that’s a lot of it. But I (also) do school IDs, parking, drug tests, supervision, 504 plans—a whole bunch of different things.”

What I Like About MHS: “I  really like the students here. I think they’re all driven and all have a focus on what they want to do and where they want to be.”

Things I Appreciate in MHS: “Mr. (Mike) Wells (principal) has always been really good to me since I got here. He knew my last principal and he’s kind of taken me under his wing and given me some projects to do.”

What I am Looking Forward To: “Completing a full year of everybody in-person. You want your Homecoming, you want your Prom, I do too. I hated teaching to a screen. I love seeing faces.”

Favorite Color: Blue

Fun Fact: “I’m 100 percent Dutch. I walked a mile and a half in a parade with my Little Dutch Boy outfit.”