A new face in central office

The new Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, enters the school year as a proud Mustang


EJ Boersma

A BUSY BEE Having to run over to N155 in between meetings, Mrs. Colleen Bergren poses for a photo. Outside of work she has picked up woodworking, having made two of her own chairs.

Josephine Mittelberger, Business Manager

Down the street at Central Office, changes are occurring. Mrs. Colleen Bergren has taken the position of Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction and plans to help improve MHS. 

“I look forward to really working with everybody to make them feel that they are valued and have ownership within the school and the school community,” Mrs. Bergren said.

A new assistant superintendent seems important, but what really changes? In short, superintendents control anything related to the instruction of classes. Mainly affecting teachers, they create standards for high ability classes and what is taught in general. Also working to get the schools grants, they watch classes and check data. Mapping classes is an essential role that the assistant superintendent takes care of—finding strengths and weaknesses within our curriculum and thinking of ways to improve overall. 

“I think what I’m excited to do is to really dig in—to figure out what little tweaks can be made so that we’re not the third from the best, but we are the best,” she said. “Kind of like our mission and vision statement—supporting every student every day.”

She was in my Indiana Principal Leadership Institute Cohort, my first year as a principal nine years ago. I hope she is successful in her new position and I wish her all the best.

— Mr. Mike Wells, principal

Attracted to the School Town of Munster’s community work, Mrs. Bergren sets her goal to make our schools the best in the state. By writing grants, sitting in on classes, adopting books that fit the curriculum and much more.

“I want (staff and students) to know that I value shared leadership and that means not just from teachers, (but) administrators,” she said. “I’m here just to support all the great things that are already happening, and maybe even be able to give a different perspective on some things that maybe we can enhance, to continue to make us that school of national distinction.”