Receiving help: Bowen Center offering free counseling sessions to students

Mental Health Club and counseling sessions are here for students to discuss their mental health

Alexis Perez, Design Chief

After spending countless hours of procrastinating and falling into a state where students would keep pushing things off last year, it is understandable some may need extra help.

Over the summer, the school made plans with the Bowen Center about giving students a place to go and talk about their mental health. The sessions are virtual and are unable to identify who went to the session. It was created due to the fact that the students’ mental health last year affected their learning abilities. Mrs. Amy Burian, social worker, was part of the meeting that discussed giving students the opportunity to take these sessions. 

“I do think they’re a good thing, because oftentimes I think what keeps people from accessing counseling services (or) mental health services is not knowing where to start (and) not knowing how to find them,” Mrs. Burian said. 

To schedule an appointment with the Bowen Center, students can call 1-800-342-5653 or go to Students must make sure to state that they are seeking counseling through their Student Support Plan (SSP), which just communicates what school they are coming from. Students must say they are from MHS when scheduling a meeting via phone or website.

Upon all the stress caused by last school year, Mustang Mental Health Club was created last year so that students receive help in areas that the school cannot. 

The new club sponsor Mr. Benjamin Boruff, English teacher, was given the position due to his passion in talking about mental health. It is a student led club that is partnered with Bring Change to Mind, which is an organization that helps many other schools to teach students about mental health.

“I would love for MHS to be known as a school that is not afraid of conversations about mental health and supports students completely and fully and unconditionally with mental health issues,” Mr. Boruff said. 

The club plans on being more involved in the school by having activities and informational meetings about issues people deal with on a daily basis. The club call out meeting will be on Sept. 15 In Mr. Boruffs room at 3:00 p.m.

“I feel like it’s really important for people to be informed about mental health because a lot of the time it’s looked at more so in a bad way, but people should be informed that it’s okay to talk about how you feel,”Jocelyn Lemus, junior and club president said. “It’s okay to have these feelings.”