Revived HOSA club aims to introduce members to the medical field

Gage Hoekstra, PR Manager

DEBRIEF Mr. Dillon Thompson, science teacher, discusses the club’s future with HOSA officers after their call out meeting, . “I’m most looking forward to introducing students to the wide variety of options within the healthcare industry and allowing those students opportunities to have hands-on, real-life experiences with these occupations,” Mr. Thompson said.

After nearly five years of inactivity, the revived HOSA club aims to offer a variety of resources, experiences and connections to perspective nurses, doctors, and any other medical profession.  The club will meet once a month, hosting a variety of guest speakers from across the industry, giving members ample time to engage with and learn from experienced professionals.

Members will also be provided with opportunities beyond meetings, including shadowing professionals providing volunteer service to patients in need. Interested students can contact Mr. Dillon Thompson, science teacher and sponsor, or follow the HOSA instagram page @munsterhshosa.

“Almost 100 people showed up to our call out,” Maria Puliaeva, senior and the club’s vice president said, “We’re so excited to bring HOSA back to Munster. This year we have a ton of stuff planned for our members.