Seniors scatter all over the states

From a survey of 159 students, seniors’ choices after high school

The completion of the three year-old mural continues it’s progress as Nhi Nguyen, junior, and Carmani Shedrich, senior begin to paint the background. “I am simply too tall and too integral for the success of this project,” Carmani said. (Lita Cleary)


Though spontaneous, Uyai Abasi-Edet, senior, and friends hold a callout for the African-American Culture Club. “My friends and I spent days debating how we were going to conduct it,” Uyai said. “But everything went out the window. We all just started talking. It wasn’t we expected, but it really worked out.” (Simona Terek)
During 8th hour Botany, Evan Wittkamp and Hannah Zukley, seniors, water plants. Typically, they go into the greenhouse everyday, to work with petunias, tomatoes, radishes and green onion. (Francis Hovland)