Celebrating Seniors: The Ups and Downs of Senior Year

May 11, 2021


It was a rollercoaster of a year. This school year wasn’t afraid to shake us around, twisting and turning in all sorts of ways we didn’t see coming. Seniors have been on the ride for four years, and are preparing to disembark to newer journeys.   

Sept 23, 2020: Just five days before Spirit Week, seniors put together their costumes. Taylor Olmstead meticulously gathered her materials and inspiration a full week beforehand, using things from Amazon, Pinterest, and her brother’s clothes. 

Taylor: “Surprisingly, my brother had a lot of random items I used over the week like a shirt for nerd day. My grandma went to 100 stores and got me stuff for Hawaiian day—she is such a G. All day I was amazed by the creativity of my fellow classmates. (Spirit Week) is a tradition that everyone should participate in before graduating.”

This year has seen many new things, like the introduction of Black Culture Club and Film Club, both founded by seniors. 

Sarah Resch, co-founder of Film Club: “Our most significant day was our call out. I remember being super anxious that no one was going to (show up), but we had around 60 kids sign up at the call out. It gives me a lot of hope that the club will continue to thrive after Francis (Hovland) and I graduate.” 

Jaelyn Williams, president of Black Culture Club: “I was excited to express how a lot of minority students at MHS feel. So rarely is there a space for students to discuss issues they have with Munster without facing ridicule, especially when it comes to race. I felt like I gained the opportunity to be a voice this year.” 

Many large gatherings that are a niche part of high school life were cancelled: Homecoming, Turnabout, and pep rallies. In light of this, Mr. Wells asked Film Club to produce “hype” videos in place of pep rallies.

Sarah: “Our goal was to make kids feel involved and informed about what was going on in the school. Updates like these videos usually happen at the big pep rallies, but Covid cancelled all of that. So I was excited to give kids access to it and hopefully make the year feel a little more normal.”

Despite the struggles, exciting moments weren’t uncommon. The volleyball team won the State runner-up for the first time in Munster High School’s history.

Lulu Torres : “It was definitely the best way to end my senior experience on the volleyball team. Honestly, the atmosphere of playing in a college arena was such an amazing feeling. It was amazing to finally make it after we had come up short the last couple of years.”

Prom was not the night that seniors expected, but the one they will never forget. 

Paul Maldonado: “I was joking with my friends that I couldn’t see anything going on the dance floor because of how short I am. Then I thought ‘Hey, it’d be pretty funny if they all lifted me up,’ and I just happened to time up with the chorus of the song that was playing, ‘We Are Young’ by Fun. As soon as I got lifted up in the air I was thinking ‘There’s no way this is actually happening right now.’ A lot of my friends described it as a ‘movie moment’ and I don’t think there’s a better phrase to use for that.”

It seems as if every moment, big or small, leads up to this: Graduation. Once they flip their tassels, their high school career ends.

Maureen Van Matre, vice president: “I am beyond proud of all of my classmates. We have all worked to the best of our ability these past 12 years, and all our hard work has finally paid off. I am extremely excited to see the amazing things everyone will accomplish. Our futures are bright.”

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