Plans of the new student body president and vice president


Todd Mckechnie

Anushka Majety and Jonny Bryson-Harvey

Josephine Mittelberger, Page Editor

Two weeks ago, Anushka Majety and Jonny Bryson-Harvey, juniors, were officially announced the student body president and vice president. While it may be open to opportunity, it bears much responsibility.

Hearing our names announced was a very blissful feeling, but everything also became very real, as Anushka and I knew that we had a lot of work to do,” Jonny said.

Some ideas Anushka and Jonny have prepared for next year include a charity volleyball game, students voting for Homecoming themes, an anonymous complaint box for discrimination in the classroom, vigils for students to gather during times when hate crimes happen and announcements acknowledging different holidays celebrated by the cultures of our diverse student body in an attempt to better integrate the school culturally. 

“I just want to be able to use covid as an opportunity to better the school because what we had was a super unconventional year that allowed us to take a step back and see what can we do better now that we’re coming back to normal,” Anushka said. 

Taking the reins, the pair will try to leave a positive impact on the school and their peers. Tackling discrimination and creating a safe space for all will continue to be their goal as the 2021-2022 year approaches. 

“I just want to be able to leave Munster High School better than the way I found it,” Anushka said.