Track begins their season


Ari Brunetti

MAKE A RUN FOR IT Sprinting across the track, Corey Dennis, sophomore, practices for his next meet. There’s much to look forward to this season. “I’m most looking forward to becoming conference champions and seeing people on the team run at state,” Corey said. “Maybe I’ll make it too.”

Atarah Israel , Managing Editor

Last year, like many other sports, Track was cut short due to the onset of COVID-19, leaving many members disoriented and disappointed. This track season, Boys’ Track is eagerly training for an array of competitions. The team has a meet against Hobart today, as well as an anticipated meet against Lowell April 27. In addition to their preparation for their away competitions, on May 1 they have a home meet. Overall, the team has been focusing on their speed, as opposed to aerobic-based exercises, but members have individual goals as well.

“I have one goal this season and it is to break five in the mile, or run the mile in under five minutes,” Jacob Cipowski, junior, said. 

With the array of competitions ahead of them, track members are currently aiming to win conference.

“We are all getting better, but still have a lot of work to do if we want to be conference champs,” Jacob Cipowski, junior, said. “I think that if we all keep working hard, we will do well overall at the conference meet.”