CEC organizes outdoor prom

Lana Salahieh, Editor-in-Chief

The senior class of 2021 has been deprived of many defining moments throughout the past year. In order to salvage any semblance of normalcy, the CEC sponsors have come together to organize an outdoor Prom to be combined with the senior banquet. This event will take place on Saturday May 8 from 6-8:30 behind the tennis courts near the high school. 

“We thought it was important, due to the measures that we took throughout the year to try to find a way to get the kids something that they could remember in a safe fashion, ” Ms. Kristen Szafaz, history teacher and Senior CEC sponsor, said. There was a lot of debate that revolved around being outside, which would be the safest option. Masks will also be required, regardless of if you’re vaccinated or not.”

Tickets for the event were sold on Powerschool for $40, ten dollars less than their usual price. Rules were put in place to keep everything safe, such as limiting the number of attendants and having MHS staff and admin run the event. 

“We have to keep remembering that we’re in a pandemic,” Ms. Szafaz said. “People didn’t get to have their weddings or get to bury loved ones. People didn’t get to do all these things. We’re really trying to make this for those who have had a rough junior year, and an even rougher senior year.”

The planners of the event decided that there was not a specific theme for this year’s Prom, citing that they did not want to deter students from participating if their attire did not match. To fit the locale, the CEC sponsors reserved a wedding-reception-esque tent.

“When I found out we were having a Prom, I cried,” Megan Flynn, senior, said. “I have a video in my snapchat memories for proof. I’ve dreamed about Prom since I was a little girl, and couldn’t be happier to finally have the opportunity to experience it. If you’ve ever seen High School Musical 3, think of the musical number “A Night to Remember” and that pretty much sums up what I’m excited for.”