Girls’ Softball starts off season


Bailee Dejarlais

JUST WARMING UP Jordan Duff, senior, warms up before the game against Andrean by passing the ball to her teammate. She has high hopes for her senior season. “I’m super happy I get a senior season,” Jordan said. “We will get better everyday this year.”

Janai Munoz

So far, the softball team has excelled in their past few games, with a record of 4-1, losing their only game to Lake Central.

“We have a full 3 teams in the program this year, whereas in the past we struggled a little to field a complete freshmen team.” Holly Kaim, senior, said. “As far as the past few games we’ve played, some we’ve played well, others we haven’t.”

For the team to continue being successful, the girls must work hard and support each other throughout the season. 

 “I believe we have the abilities and attitudes to win,” Paige Vukadinovich, junior, said. “The only obstacles in my/our way would be that we can’t compete with the harder teams, but it’s still early in the season and we can only improve from here.”