Lacrosse club continues season


Alexis Perez, Design Editor

The lacrosse club’s current record is Boys’ at 5-2 and the Girls’ at 6-4.

The girls have two games, Sat. May 1 against Northridge and Avon High School. Boys games are on Saturdays and Sundays; girls’ games are on the weekends or Wednesdays.

 “We go to their games, we support them, they come to our games, they support us,” Nick Godinez, junior, said, “At the end of the year we always do a boys versus girls game, at the end of the year.” 

The teams started up again after their last season got cut short, all while keeping socially distant between games.

“We’ve been doing a good job of keeping socially distant,” Harper Swope, senior, said. “It’s worth having a season and I think the whole team would agree wit